Brand Advertising on TikTok: how it works

TikTok promotes creativity by making it accessible and within everyone’s reached. To be creators, you need a smartphone. To facilitate and stimulate participation are the characteristics of the platform itself. They are based on the production of short duration videos from 15 to 60 seconds, accompanied by music, sound effects, and filters. They can be combined through a very fast and intuitive editing system. The results are ballets, comic mini-sketches, and musical parodies in playback. The most characteristic type of content is the challenges. The real virtual challenges launched by influencers, but increasingly also by companies, to which TikTok users are called to respond.

How does Brand advertising work?

For brands, there are important opportunities to interact with the younger audience in new, fun, engaging ways. This way, the brand can increase awareness that goes well with the advertising offer of TikTok. It is developed to allow companies to invest in the platform by following its basic principles and respecting its primary purpose i.e., entertainment.

Due to a high level of personalization of the feed, the experience of using the contents is very engaging. TikTok provides a section “For you.” Here, the user can find really interesting content, identified by the platform based on the time spent on the video. The more users have seen content, the more that content is classified as interesting and landed in the user feed.

TikTok expertly winks at brands: Connecting brands today with the consumers of tomorrow. For a company, it is possible to launch a challenge or make users interact with their content through interactive cards and surveys. The more you stimulate the interaction offered, the greater the probability that users will become real brand ambassadors.

Below are the advertising options currently offered by TikTok:

  • Top View: This option offers the possibility to create videos up to one minute long, which the user sees as the first content when he opens the app.
  • Brand Takeover: Allows you to engage users immediately, with very short static or video content (3/5 seconds), for a powerful visual impact. Moreover, you can buy TikTok followers to get more visibility.
  • In-feed Ads: These are content (up to 60 seconds) with positioning in the “For you” section of the user feed. With which it is possible to interact in different ways (‘like,’ ‘comment,’ ‘share,’ ‘follow,’ ‘shoot videos with the same music’).
  • Branded Hashtag Challenge: This is the option that involves users by leveraging their passions and engaging them in terms of creativity. With this format, a brand can ask users to, in turn, create videos relating to the campaign theme and which will then be collected on the challenge page. On average, the engagement rate for campaigns of this type is around 8.5%.
  • Branded Effects: By creating branded effects to be made available to users, a brand offers the audience a high-impact visual and creative experience, providing a sort of universal language capable of bringing together the creativity of users.

Ultimately, is it advisable to start using TikTok for your communication campaigns? As always, it depends on the type of company, the target audience, but, above all, on the brand strategy. You should never create or make hasty decisions based on curiosity or the desire to oversee all available channels.