Counter gamemode

When gambling DE_ (defuse) form of CS 1.6 recreation maps for a certain time period. Time is decided by the server on that you play developer or server management. Terrorist’s group have to attain the vicinity where they can plant and spark off C4 explosive bomb. If the terrorists successfully plant’s the bomb, then the police (Counter-Terrorist’s) crew ought to to defuse the bomb. Counter individuals of police team have to to kill all of the enemies group participants. Terrorists, who effectively plant bomb (C4) on A or B plant and C4 efficiently explodes. They acquire three personal factor’s of the game, Counter-Terrorist. Who correctly defuse bomb (C4) receive 3 non-public points of the sport too.

When gambling CS_ form of CS 1.6 recreation maps, counter strike 1.6 indir policemen (Counter-Terrorist’s) group for a sure time frame have to to get away hostages from a terrorist crew. Come to a place where status hostages, get right of entry to any of the hostages for my part. Just press the E key, and lead all of the hostages to the rescue quarter. There is any other manner to win game mode by way of killing all of the enemies group contributors. For each of the first touch of the hostages, the member of CT’s crew gets 150 greenbacks. They also receive a certain amount of greenbacks for a successful hostage rescue.

Assassination gamemode
When playing AS_ form of CS 1.6 game maps, recreation engine just randomly select one player of CT’s crew. This fortunate player get VIP popularity. Player who gets the VIP status, have a 100HP, 200 ARMOR and the default gun of CT’s (Counter-Terrorist’s) team. They get a pistol USP. VIP member can’t purchase different weapons. All contributors of the CT’s crew need to guard their VIP member and help him to escape to the rescue quarter. If the police fail to do it on a sure time frame or terrorist team member kills the VIP member, the spherical will over. The terrorists wins the match and terrorists crew receives one factor of the game.