Documentation for a real estate agency with Apivirtual – Real estate documents

Apivirtual solves one of the most tedious tasks of the daily work of real estate agents, the drafting of real estate documents necessary to buy or sell.

In the Apivirtual platform you can obtain all the documentation for a real estate company: tax calculations such as the one of the municipal capital gain of any Spanish municipality, tax of increase of patrimony for the sale of a real estate property, calculation of the value of the usufruct and the value of the no property, calculates the sale price of a property, facilitates valuation opinions, develops ACM (comparative market analysis), marketing plans so that the real estate consultant can inform the owner of what commercial actions he will take to sell or rent his property , purchase budgets according to the peculiarities of each Autonomous Community and those of the buyer, sales budgets, to calculate the expected time of sale and the cost of waiting, contracts to buy, sell or rent a property,sales or rental mandates, etc.

Apivirtual is aimed at 3 types of users:

  • Property owners and buyers.
  • Landlords and tenants with their eyes on the rent.
  • Landlords and tenants who wish to rent a holiday residence.

Documentation for a real estate agency with Apivirtual – Real estate documents

Documents of Homeowners and homebuyers

For the first of the 3 types of users, Apivirtual offers a wide variety of documents. For those who wish to buy a property there are 4 major categories:

·         Documents before you start looking for real estate

If you are a buyer or work as an agent of a real estate agency that represents the interests of buyers, Apivirtual puts at our disposal the necessary documentation to know the tax advantages for buyers, the type of financing that can be accessed, what are the expenses that are they generate in the sale and to whom it corresponds to pay them; as well as where and when the certificate of occupancy should be requested.

The documents obtained can be customized, so that the information is as specific as possible. To do this, and before downloading, Apivirtual asks the user for general and property data.

The average cost of these documents is € 4 although if the user is a professional and has a flat rate, the download of these documents is included.

In case you want to sell a property, Apivirtual offers you several types of documents before you start looking for real estate. The calculation of the municipal capital gain, the calculation of the tax on the capital increase, the expenses that are generated by the sale of a property, the calculation of the value of the usufruct and the value of the no property where and when the certificate of habitability is required These are some of the documents that you can download in this section.

The average price is € 5, and the download is immediate, although for some of the documents you will have to wait, because you need the consultation with the property registration. If the user is a professional and enjoys a flat rate, the download of these documents is included.

As in the case of the owners, these documents are customizable, so some general and property data are requested.

·         Documents for when a property has already been found

If you are a buyer and you have already found a property, in the second of the groups of documents there are those of real estate operations of this type, such as foreclosure agreements, sales contracts, the list of the documents necessary for the signing of a sale, etc.

In the case of not being registered, these documents are priced between € 5 and € 20. Most of them are for immediate download, although some such as the property registration notes have a deferred delivery.

It should also be noted that most of the documents included in this category are free to download for those registered professional users.

On the contrary, if what you want is to sell, in this section you will find models of real estate documents as an example of power, a purchase option contract, as well as other necessary documents in the purchase sale operation.

As in the rest of the cases, the documents can be customized, for which user and property data will be requested. The average price is € 5, although in the case of the document to guarantee deliveries on account, its price is € 30 and delivery is deferred.

·         Information documents before the signing of the sale

For buyers, Apivirtual has several models of real estate documents, among which is the value to be declared in a deed (free download for all users), as well as the information necessary to prepare the checks in the deed of sale.

The price of these documents (except the one we have commented on for free) is € 5 plus VAT.

In the case of sellers, you can find necessary documents for sale, such as the necessary document issued by the community of owners to be up to date with payment, a document without which the sale cannot be made.

It should also be noted that most of the documents included in this category are free to download for those registered professional users.

·         After-sale documents

The documents available to buyers available to Apivirtual do not end here. For after the sale, you will be able to access the models of real estate documents necessary for the change of ownership in the community to which you belong, in addition to the necessary documentation for the domiciliation of the supplies of the new home.

The price of these two documents is € 3 plus VAT.

In addition, Apivirtual sellers collect similar documents that you can download from the page. In the case of the document to liquidate the discretion of the municipal capital gain of the corresponding municipality, the delivery is deferred and its price amounts to € 30.

In both cases, most of the documents are free to download for those registered professional users.

Landlord and Tenant Documents

In the second of the categories of users, you will find all the documents related to the rental that will allow you to advise your clients on this matter. Whether they are owners or renters, this section interests you.

In the case of the owners, Apivirtual difference between:

·         Documents before renting a property

As tax benefits, possible guarantees that can be requested from a tenant, tax implications of putting a home for rent, as well as the necessary registration documents to rent.

·         Documents for when a tenant has been found

As contracts for renting a home, renting a room, certificates of the community of owners and a long etcetera.

·         Documents for after renting a real estate property.

In this case you will find many necessary documents such as the invoice model for rentals subject to this modality, as well as receipts for rental payments.

In the case of tenants, Apivirtual also has documents that may be useful before, during and after the signing of a rental agreement.

To stand out among all of them, the one that includes the tax benefits for tenants, something that many do not know and that is undoubtedly of interest to all those who are considering renting.

Likewise, when we already have a home in the spotlight, Apivirtual offers us documents for this phase, as examples of documents to have a power of attorney, or registration records of the property we are thinking of renting. The average price is € 8, although in the case of registration forms, the price is up to € 20 and obviously the delivery of the document is deferred.

Vacation Rental Documents

Finally we find the section dedicated to vacation rental, with real estate documents for owners and renters. In this case, the documents are less numerous, since less paperwork is needed. Among the most prominent, the requirements that owners and tenants can request in a vacation rental.

The price of these documents varies from case to case of University Town Islamabad obtaining the registration certificate of the property is the most expensive document, and its delivery to the applicant is deferred, since a consultation is required to register the property of each autonomous community.

Prices and extra documentation

Apivirtual real estate document models are available for both those who are not registered and for professionals. If you are a real estate agent and you need this type of documents frequently, it is convenient that you consider hiring a flat rate.

You have it available for € 25 per month, for four users of the same office and are included almost all the documents that you might need in your daily work, such as contracts, registration forms, documentation necessary to make arrangements with the Administration and much more.

We cannot also forget that Apivirtual offers a wide range of free documentation. These are numerous videos that you can consult whenever you want and that solve the most common doubts of real estate Pakistan, such as how to calculate the municipal capital gain or how to obtain the certificate of habitability.

It is undoubtedly a plus at the service of all that allows us to know a little more about the process of some of these procedures for which Apivirtual documents are needed.

In addition, we want to remind you that all Apivirtual documents are updated according to current legislation, so you don’t have any problems.

Consult an expert

It is also possible through the Apivirtual website to consult with two types of experts: a lawyer and a real estate expert.

For this it is necessary that before you are registered as a user and have access to the web. The average waiting time is less than forty minutes, which makes it a very useful tool if you are a member of the community and need an expert at your disposal.

Protocols and steps that a Real Estate Advisor must follow in order for his client to recognize his fees:

·         Custom real estate sheet

This document contains all the data related to the client, the operation to be carried out and the real estate object of the operation, as well as the data of the agents that carry it out.

·         Earnest money contract

Once the custom sheet has been signed and agreed upon, the contract of sale or purchase document is signed. There are two types of contracts of these types, confirmatory and penitential deeds.
We recommend the first ones, because with penitentiary deeds, the owner can disregard the contract and you will lose the commission.
Various formulas can be agreed so that this does not happen, but the most important thing is the writing of this contract, without which, in case of problems, you will not be able to claim anything in a judicial process.

If you do not have models of real estate documents of this type, and you do not want to resort to Apivirtual, we recommend that you consult with a specialized lawyer, because a well drafted contract or a correct custom sheet depends on your sales fees, which can sometimes be the result of many months of efforts and much work on your part.

·         Ratification document

Very useful and facilitated by Apivirtual. With this, you will get a double recognition from the owner that you as a Real Estate Advisor have been the one who has made the sale and purchase operation possible.

    1. The sales mandate
    2. The ratification document
    3. The contract of earnest, where you must appear as intervening.

With these three documents it is difficult to deny your intervention.

To avoid problems and you can recover your fees, collect as soon as possible all the information from these months of work, such as:

  • Customer visit sheets, with day and time of visits made.
  • Press or internet announcements of the properties.
  • Custom sheet with the necessary legal requirements.
  • Reliable communication of those interested in the operation if there is a deposit contract.
  • Identification data of the agent who performed the operation.
  • Communication of the day and time at which the deed will be signed at the notary.
  • Registration note of the transmission or any other documents that the agent has handled.

Do you use Apivirtual to download real estate documents? How was the experience?

Do you use any other platform for your real estate documentation?

Be sure to tell us your experience in the comments of this post. We remind you that every day we complete the information we offer in this real estate blog with news, videos and information from the sector to make your day to day easier.