Effective YouTube video SEO tips to increase your video ranking in search engine

Every business desires to be popular in the virtual world of video platforms. People who like to express themselves by sharing videos with others can do it very easily and with no specific skills or programs. YouTube has provided a set of tools, which allow people to express themselves by sharing videos with other people. Being the most widely used video-sharing site it offers a fun, creative and interactive environment.

For marketers, YouTube’s popularity offers a great set of possibilities for promotion and reaching to a large number of audiences. YouTube has approximately 1.8 billion active monthly users from all around the world. With the growing role, that visual content is performing in search engine results, having YouTube credibility can probably help boost search engine ranking positions as well. Here’s how to increase your video ranking in the search engine that in turns give you more YouTube views and subscribers.

  • Once you find out what people need, research that topic and create a video. You can combine a few top search keywords and create a single video. Google keyword suggestions are great for finding multiple related search keywords that people are using.
  • ·, For example, let us take the keyword “Video SEO”. I just put this keyword in Safari and I got some keyword suggestions. These suggestions are based on what people have already searched for.
  • To go deeper, you can look at the total search volume for each related keyword and form your title accordingly. Also, do not make the video too generic – you should serve a specific need. You need to have the right balance between specificity and reaching a wide audience.
  • It is a well-known fact that entrepreneurs who start with the product often fail. The business has to keep the customer’s need in mind and start there. Creating content is no different. You have to know what people need and then create the content. This is where video SEO (or website SEO) starts. Once you know what people want, then create the content.
  • Sometimes when introducing new concepts, you need to create content about it and people won’t be searching for it already. To promote such content, you need an audience and you can build an audience only when you create content that people are already looking for. Else they may never find you.

Other technical factors that you have to consider for search relevancy when trying to rank YouTube videos are:

  • Naming the video file with keywords before uploading the video. Ex: video-SEO-tips.mp4
  • Giving a proper keyword-rich (but not keyword-stuffed) title.
  • A keyword-rich description for the video
  • YouTube video tags
  • Content in the video (YouTube looks into the dialog using speech to text technology)

Social media sharing is the icing on the cake. A lot of people will find your videos through search and when a percentage of those viewers share it on social media, you will get even more visitors and such social sharing is rewarded with high rankings – which leads us to the video value signals. Create good content and then use the techniques to communicate relevancy to get higher ranking in search engine.