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After setting up dozens of email hosting uk for clients, 1 question I always get asked is”what is best, free or premium email hosting?” .To which my answer is,”it depends on the type of company / website you would like to run”.Say for instance visitors to your site will soon be reaching out to you through a contact form or constantly via email. Additionally, let’s assume that you run the business with clients of a lawyer.

Can you think that they would be comfortable sending their information to a email like or one like My cash is on the next one.

Therefore, in case your email address will be employed with potential clients, customers or prospects. Investing in a email host that is paid is well worth it. But if you do not intend on receiving or sending emails, say if you’re a freelancer a Gmail account could be OK.

Once it comes to anything online, there are a lot of acronyms and terminology phrases which are merely confusing. There are a few of the common terms used, and what they mean to break through the sound.

Webmail: Webmail is that. It is when you check, send and receive emails through an online platform by means of a smartphone or browser program. Instead of downloading software to a desktopcomputer, users can log into access contacts, calendars and the webmail and messages through the cloud-hosted servers.

Mail forwarder: When signing up with an internet /email hosting provider, many times that they will offer an email forwarder system. This gives the illusion that you have a email address.

POP3: Also called Post Office Protocol 3this can be when users download a software that downloads the mails from the server on the desktop computer software. Once downloaded, these mails will then be deleted from the server.

IMAP: Known as Internet Message Access Protocol, this can be a mix of both webmail and POP3 where emails are saved on the desktop computer interface whilst also being backed up on the email host servers.

How Can I Send Encrypted Emails

Depending on what email server you pick, they may or may not already be using encrypted mails across their platform.

While this is a more advanced feature, there’s no comprise on private data, so having the alternative is essential have. Fortunately every email provider that is big has this ability.

Can Be 100Mb Enough For Mail Storage?

If you’ve been searching around for an email hosting provider/ web host. You might have noticed that some supplier have a data limitation for their webmail of 100Mb.

But is this sufficient?

Well, from my experience, this is much more than I’ve ever wanted. Especially if you’re disciplined at deleting unwanted emails or adhering to the Inbox Zero practise.

Just keep be aware I mostly send text mails with a few Word Doc’s and PDF, so mails are usually small sizes. This may change depending upon your habits.

How To Install An Email Forwarder

Should you opt for a web hosting/ email provider, but do not need to utilize their unbuilt webmail interface. Then forwarding the emails on to a dedicated email client like Outlook or Gmail is a fantastic alternate.

That is also a fantastic alternative if you would like to keep your existing inbox, but layer a professional email address in addition to it.

While this is a fantastic installation, this process is a bit complicated and will take around 15 minutes to put up along with your web host and email customer.

Here is a fantastic movie about how to set up email forwarding with BlueHost to Gmail.