How to Sell Properties: The 5 Steps to Resolve Objections

In the Real Estate Sale a “NO” Many Times Means “Not So”.

To know how to sell properties you have to learn to answer the objections that every client will put. Resolving objections in a situation of selling a property requires practice, knowing how to ask questions, patience to listen and answer questions in a positive way. The only way to use these 4 elements at the same time is to prepare a strategy and not rely on improvisation. Something that few real estate agents do.

Let’s see what are the 5 steps to resolve objections effectively during the process of buying a property. First, we must indicate that resolving customer objections does not mean that the customer ends up buying the property. Answering objections does not always lead to sale. Actually, the goal of resolving an objection is not to sell; but help buy. To know how to sell properties one has to learn first that clients sometimes object, because they do not know what they want or are not very clear about what they want.

The ultimate goal of resolving objections is to know if the property you are offering is suitable for your client for example if a person is from Karachi and you are trying to sell him/her a plot in Park View City  it will obviously not work. Try to obtain this information as soon as possible. We could say that the ultimate goal of resolving objections is to save time in negotiation. When a negotiation takes too long, it usually does not end up for sale. Haven’t you noticed that most of your sales have been concluded quickly?

How to sell house for sale in Islamabad : Steps to Resolve Objections.

Always remember that the objective of resolving an objection is not to sell the property: it is to save time and labor . As a general rule, a potential client knows if they are going to buy a certain property during the first 5 minutes of visiting the property. If before the visit the real estate agent has done an intelligent information job, has not created expectation, you have not taken into account the payment conditions and how the property can create value to the visitor, responding appropriately to the objections you It will be of little use . Moreover, he will not have a chance to answer the objections.

In general, (I say general, because each purchase-sale situation is particular) , these are the 5 steps you should take to resolve most objections:

  1. Smooth the objection.
  2. Clarify the objection
  3. Identify the true objection.
  4. Answer the objection.
  5. Evaluate the position of the client.

Today we will briefly discuss in this article only the first 2 steps.

Step 1 to Resolve Objections: Smooth the Objection.

Smoothing in this context means that you neither agree nor disagree about your client’s objection. Nor do you answer the objection directly. This step is important when selling properties . Your first comment to an objection is to demonstrate to the client that you are listening carefully , that you value their concern and you will not press or try to sell aggressively.

With this attitude, with your first comment, the client relaxes and begins to realize that you are trying to put yourself in his place. This is called showing empathy. In your first comment after hearing the objection, never use the word “but” in your sentence. This word adds tension to your arguments. It is better to use the words “and” or the name of the client.

Let’s look at an example of how to sell properties intelligently.

Comment , (objection), from the client: “I like the condo, but getting financing is a bit difficult in my current situation.”

Wrong Answer : “It is normal that mortgages today do not make things easier, but the price of the condominium is excellent . ” This way of answering, of resolving  objections , adds tension and the real estate seller is perceived as not considering the purchase situation from the client’s point of view. It is better to answer:

Successful Response : “Currently the financing of any property is always a topic that worries my clients. Maria may have the solution for you. Let’s discuss the issue of financing… ”Remember, when you soften the objection, you are avoiding giving a different point of view to what the client has at that time. It is not yet time to show the client that he is not quite right.

Also, keep in mind that the real objection may not be what the client tells you. Which does not lead to the second step.

Step 2 to Resolve Objections: Clarify the Objection.

To resolve objections quickly and effectively, you have to know how to ask your client questions without creating animosity or concern. If you want good answers, you should know how to ask. After the objection it is time to ask the intelligent questions that you must have already prepared for when this objection comes out during the negotiation. Asking intelligently results in knowing what the real problem is behind the first objection.

In any professional or social communication there are 4 factors that determine it and, incidentally, are the cause of so many disputes, problems, misunderstandings, misrepresentations and conflicts:

  1. What the other person currently says.
  2. What you hear
  3. What you interpret the other person has said.
  4. What the other person has meant.

Complicated? It is, if no one has taught you to deal with a negotiation of purchase and sale of a property taking into account these 4 factors. To cover these 4 phases properly and know what your client really wanted to say, you need to know how to listen with eyes and ears and  ask questions , several intelligent questions.

This is where improvisation betrays real estate agents. It is impossible to ask the right questions improvisedly to resolve objections; especially when you lack the ability to listen. Hearing is not listening. How to sell properties  is not something learned with a couple of transactions.

How to Sell Properties? With Practice and more Practice.

In practice, prior rehearsal in the office with role-playing games is necessary to master the technique of asking questions, solving objections and negotiating successfully. Practice, practice and more practice. Role plays are not easy to carry out and planning is needed. In my consultancies it took us a whole morning to prepare role-playing games; since the questions, the answers and the argumentation on a certain property must be prepared previously . The role play usually lasts 2 to 3 days depending on the number of participating agents. Therefore, that role play in 1 tomorrow, forget it.

In a sales situation, when objections appear, what is said is almost never what is meant . Your client may have misinterpreted your words or can make this objection, because he doesn’t know how to express his main objection clearly, or because you don’t generate confidence to be honest.

To clarify the objections the best method is to paraphrase the objection and ask if you have understood well what the objection is. Sometimes this simple question clarifies many doubts. A question that few real estate agents ask in their attempt to resolve objections .

Asking and listening is what allows you to identify the true objection. Which brings us to step 3 to resolve objections that we will discuss in tomorrow’s article.

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