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Kinds of 3 options have supplied really stunning versions. Book deuce in this show has fancywork patterns. The items on this particular collecting are certainly not sewn, but can be performed created as outlined with your tastes. Start looking into Lakhany Komal Garden 2014 book deuce for ladies lsmfabrics.


Lakhany Silk Generators Is One of the most significant Material organizations near you. It gives substances, specifically for ladies. His or her clothing is very well liked while every every taste across the country and clothes collections. Tag words on this truehearted are Zunuj in addition to Komal. It has got unveiled Komal Zunuj for summer time only. The clothing include top quality in addition to flesh. Lakhany has an internet store and then sell by means of internet retailers on materials.


‘Lakhany Silk Mills’ announces Spring/Summer 2015 Collection In collaboration with couturier’Farah Talib Aziz’


As a continuation of their designer collaborations, Renowned textile brand’Lakhany Silk Mills’ present their most recent affiliation with acclaimed designer Farah Talib Aziz, announcing the brand’s forthcoming Spring/Summer 2015 Collection:”Garden of Grace”. The collection will be launched across all significant cities in Pakistan in April 2015.


In the charm, Farah takes inspiration for the set Of the elegance of older way of life and country florals, encompassing glamour and the delicacy of tradition and the celebration of splendor.


Farah Talib Aziz’s work exuberates opulence that is effeminate, Garnished with her trademark embroidery and motifs. Her design philosophy is with the support of specialist artisans and regally draped fabric, while keeping a form of elegant sophistication. Beautiful a strong sense of beauty and audiences with detail, Farah Talib Aziz creates classic pieces which serve as legacies that are cherished and modernize traditions.


And innovator in Pakistani fashion since 1952. At the very front of styles and tendencies, LSM Fabrics has not only been since establishment but has been the driving force behind many of the fashion standards of today. The company specializes in producing quality products produced from material that is superior, utilizing their state of the art technology & equipment. The Fashion assignment of LSM is to appeal to female woman that is trend-setting and each fashion-savvy, offering seasonal, stylish and on-trend options for way of life and every event.

LSM Breeze Summer Embroidered Collection 2019


LSM Fabrics Dresses Designs 2019 Lakhany Silk Mill LSM Fashion Brand Offer Us New Summer-Fall Lawn Dresses Collection 2019 For this Summer Season. In this summertime that is Started Our Amazing Event Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated. For this particular Event, everyone would like to wear gowns which will best to wear in this summertime festive. We look acceptable as said that gowns show our character, if We Wear amazing dresses. With this Our, Famous Fashion Designer Now has established New fashion Summer dresses Collection 2019


Lakhany Silk Mill LSM is the Famous Fashion Brand who is Working in Pakistan and Designs the very best Fashion Dresses For Men & Women. This Fashion Brand has begun its Function in 1952. Its work consistently remains Unique by this brand innovative & hard-work. This Launched unstitch dresses collection & equally stitches For each and every season. We’ve attained a powerful position in one of Pakistan’s, both Popular industries and a exceptional characteristic for our prints and designs. Now, brand new trend Summer Festive dresses set was launched by this trend brand 2019.