Payment plan and new development of Capital smart city:

Capital Smart City is a rapidly emerging project by Habib Rafique (Pvt). The society has a smart and advanced technology feature, that’s why people love it and appreciate the company started this project. The capital smart city has become a successful project in a very short time and the credit goes to its perfection and modern management.

Capital smart city Islamabad was launched on 2nd May 2019 on the location of the capital smart city in the shape of a big ceremony there. This location is a little away from the city but the roads and approaching way are neat and clean. The society will take a few years to fully develop and the possession is also not available till the development progress ends.

Whenever the development completes its mission, the possessions will be opened as well as all the other finishing and decoration work will also be established. In smart facilities, society consists of the advanced and latest technology.

There are many things for entertainment also including hills vista, china village, crystal lake, financial square, aviation village, holiday park, health care city, education city, overseas districts, mosques, BRT system, Urban utilities, Infrastructure, smart city facilities, garden parks, FDH buildings. The features mean a lot in society for its better success of the plan. Every owner of these projects maintains their features and prices according to each other.

There are some main features enlisted here. It offers; load shedding free environment, automatic traffic control, CCTV with facial & object recognition, free Wi-Fi hotspot at shopping malls, metro bus, resorts and hotels, and other public locations and electric bikes.

The prices let people decide to purchase or not but it is important to give every facility in the mentioned amount. People love to live in a comfortable and peaceful, developed society where they do not need to be worried about anything and off course they will select a society which has every facility at a reasonable price. Capital smart city allows every person to avail of these opportunities at a very affordable price and to live their life in the desired way. Below are the details of rates and payment plans.

Residential Plots Prices:

5Marla costs Rs.2, 415,000/- in 36 months quarterly, membership fee is 12000,

7Marla costs Rs. 3,151,000/- in 36 months quarterly, membership fee is 12000,

10Marla costs Rs. 4,140, 000/- in 36 months quarterly, membership fee is 15000,

12Marla costs Rs.4, 577,000/- in 36 months quarterly, membership fee is 15000,

1Kanal costs  Rs. 6, 210, 000/- in 36 months quarterly, membership fee is 15000,

2Kanal costs Rs. 12,190,000/- in 36 months quarterly, membership fee is 15000.

For all plots down payment will be 10%.

Commercial Plots Prices:

4Marla plot costs Rs. 10,530,000/- in 36 months quarterly,

6Marla plot costs Rs. 14,014,000/- in 36 months quarterly,

8Marla plot costs Rs. 17,550,000/- in 36 months quarterly,

10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots are sold out.

The membership fee for all plots is 20,000 and the down payment is also 10% for all.

Development in progress:

The development of the capital Smart City is upgraded and also in progress to make it look more attractive and modern. The development process is on its way to progress it is moving to overcome the water problem 4 tube wells are operating and 200 heavy machines are working in the society. It is decided to work on the overseas block because it is in phase 1 and has a value amongst other blocks.

The officials have signed the MOU with the national university to construct the latest campus of the university. And the move pick is also interested to construct their hotels and resorts here in society. The society is going to complete the work of wide and carpeted roads of concrete to avoid transport and traveling problems. The main boulevard road leading the visitors from the entrance is approximately 300 feet wide.

The officials have approved the official dealers the housing societies like sky marketing for their best success in the real estate market. As this project Sky Marketing is presenting other projects also including Blue World City and Park View City both of which are top of the line and successful housing societies situated in Islamabad. Abundance of plots have been sold out and are now resold with a good profit. It is an excellent opportunity for the businessmen to invest here as the project is also destined to become the biggest business center in the country. So hurry and book your plot in this charismatic housing venture and build yourself a save and happy future.