How To Use Gmail With Your Custom Domain (For Free)

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How To Use Gmail With Your Customized Domain (For Free)

We’re reader-supported, earning a commission when you buy through our hyperlinks.There is no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support! Full disclosure here.Folks love the familiar Gmail interface, but G Suite isn’t free and resorting to isn’t very professional. Fortunately, is a way to use the personal email hosting customer with your customized email address of Gmail.To create a free custom domain email with Gmail, simply register a custom domain, sign up with Gmail, forward the emails to Gmail, and empower Gmail to send as your own domain address. You can begin using your professional email address to nonprofit, site, company site or your startup!

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However, I really do recommend just registering for G Suite rather. It is much easier and more reliable than the hack described in this post. Besides a custom email address, You’ll Have a Lot of features that make it more easy to collaborate, share files, or remove or add users on your domain name:

For example, I have multiple @thedigitalnonprofit. Com emails that I can use based on the circumstance, such as,, etc..

And when I hired builder, it took 2 seconds to give them a email so we presented a consistent new.

During the arrangement, I could make events & files shareable with all TDN employees to easily collaborate

Eventually, when the contract ended, I could suspend their account using 1 click so my business’ info is secure!

All of these benefits were possible because I’d G Suite. Subscribe here to get a free trial and 20% OFF!

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One last note–if you are a registered nonprofit, you can get G Suite at no cost via Google for Nonprofits. Regardless of whether you are non-profit or a non-profit, it is ideal to take the long-term perspective. It’ll be a pain in the buttocks to transfer your mails if you want to switch afterwards. But if you want a cure for now, here’s a fast workaround to use gmail with your own domain.

Fundamentally, you will just forward all of the email from into a Gmail accounts, and change a setting so outgoing mail says too. That’s it! Let’s jump in.

1) Create A Gmail Account

Sign-up webpage to make gmail account

You most likely already have a private Gmail accounts, and you might use it to your customized email, but like financing, it is ideal to maintain business and personal independent. It’ll make things a whole lot easier down the road should you update for Nonprofits to G Suite or Google.

Here’s how to make the accounts:

Produce a Gmail accounts here and pick a new email address. usually works nicely.

Follow the rest of the actions to verify you telephone number, create your account, and sign in.

Two ) Create Your Professional Email Account Domain

Next, you’ll need to enroll your custom domain with a registrar that offers email forwarding.

When you have not registered your domain name already, you may sign up with Bluehost to get a domain name, email hosting and web hosting all for only a couple bucks a month. You can use this instrument to see if your domain idea is accessible:

(You Might Need to disable adblock to utilize the tool)

Why do we advocate Bluehost?

Well if you’re looking for a specialist email, you are probably going to want a site to go with this.

Even better, we have a distinctive Bluehost discount for you! Use the tool above or link below to get 1) a domain name, 2) web site hosting, 3) an SSL certificate( and 4) email hosting for just $2.95 a month.

Click here for deeply-discounted Bluehost hosting and a free domain name.

3) Forward Emails From The Custom Domain

Now that you’ve got a domain name, then you are likely to route emails from the professional speech to a Gmail address, so that you can continue to use the Gmail interface.

Below are the instructions for many different web hosts.

If your server isn’t listed: Look at the Hostgator directions –chances are you have exactly the same cPanel admin interface.

If that does not work: Your domain registrar might not include email forwarding. You are able to move it and you will also have web hosting as a bonus! . Just click”Get Started” on the web link, and on the 3rd measure or so put on your current domain name instead of looking for a brand new one. They will steer you .


Login into your Bluehost account

Beneath the hosting department click on the email link

Click on the forwarding link