Real Estate Credibility. You need to show it

It is more difficult to maintain the credibility of your customers than to win it.

The real credibility no only to have it to do business in this sector; You have to prove it. As a real estate agent you must learn to build credibility among your clients. Your sales success depends on it. It is not enough to tell the truth to be credible. You have to express it in such a way that your truth is credible.

The real credibility is demonstrated by word and communication nonverbal our body language. You have already heard it on several occasions: “the important thing in the sale is not what you say; but as you say. ” Transmitting credibility means convincing other people that what you say is trustworthy , and you cannot convince it if your message, although clear and logical, is not consistent with your body expression, (movement of hands, eyes, body position ,. .) and with your tone of voice.

Your tone of voice is essential to create credibility when you answer the phone, particularly in the first calls when the customer is more susceptible to your voice and your answers. Telemarketing is so effective, because it creates real estate credibility using certain words and phrases in an appropriate tone of voice, in certain parts of the conversation.

Managing the techniques of body language and tone of voice are 2 requirements to gain the credibility of a client who is going to make an important purchase that will improve his personal, social, family and maybe professional life.

Therefore, to sell a property you must first sell yourself as a credible , available, helpful, professional and honest person. When someone asks me about real estate sales techniques, I always answer them to start by learning how to build credibility. Let’s see how to get it.

Real Estate Credibility: Techniques to Generate it.

Do you want your clients to tell you the whole truth? Do you want your calls and emails answered? Do you want to be perceived as a professional ? Learn to gain the trust of your customers by selling credibility first.

These are the 7 techniques that help the real estate agent to be perceived as a credible and trustworthy person.

1.- Listen carefully . Listening is not as easy as it is believed in principle. Knowing how to listenwith your eyes and earsis a technique that you must learn. Listening proactively is the best way to gain credibility. Your customers will tend to trust you more if you know and have the patience to listen to them. Listening is the first thing that strengthens credibility.

2.- Present evidence that supports your words . An evidence speaks more than a thousand words. When you sell a property, present evidence thatsupports factsand especially your ideas, comments or opinions. If you don’t have evidence that supports credibility to your ideas, it is better not to expose them. Credibility is not only generated with logic,feeling is  also part of what your client’s mind interprets.

Let’s say words with tests are more effective and build trust faster.

This is why real estate sales dossier are so important. They reflect “written” evidence about the property. Psychologically something that is written is more credible than something that is not.

For credibility to occur in the communication, three main elements must be combined: the content, what I see and what I hear from this conjunction will arise the credibility or not of any message we intend to convey. For example nearly everyone who has invested their capital in Park View City overses block is quite happy with their investment and the evidence proves it.

3.- Your body language must be proactive. You must convey confidence and participation from your client. Look into the eyes, smile, speak clearly and be brief,take a relaxed posture, walk calmly and safely … All these details give credibility to your words.

4.- Be clear and direct with your words . A real estate agent who knows well the characteristics and benefits of the property he sells tends to be clear, concise and brief. Who knows what he is selling well, answers the questionsclearly and safely. Credibility is also gained with your thorough knowledge of the property.

Real Estate Credibility is Earned Little by Little. 

5.- Be objective . The points of life of your customers matter a lot in the sale of a property. Your perception isyour realityand you, as a real estate agent should consider it, ask yourself why the client has that opinion.

An example of real estate credibility : your client does not believe that the terrace measures 22 square meters. Given this observation, your answer is not to contradict the client by saying that he does have 22 meters. The appropriate approach is to refer to the sales dossier and check it by measuring the terrace. This action is what generates confidence in your knowledge, because without discrediting the opinion of your client you have verified that it has 22 meters.

6.- Be perceived as a professional. Here we enter what is called “offer more than expected.” Perception is not the same as reality; But the customer’s perception is “their reality.” If you give the customer something more than expected,(insider trading, an interesting tidbit that will help you buy a property, an additional service not wait …),you will be perceived as a professional real estate. How you provide your service also increases or decreases your credibility.

7.- Be aware that every property has its negative side. Never hide the weaknesses of your property, in the long run it will be discovered and your client will begin to think if the credibility you have earned you deserve it. Credibility is not earned in a single assault, it increases and decreases as the client knows you.

Indicate the strengths and weaknesses of your property when you show it or describe it. The credibility real start there. Of course, the strengths must be greater than the weaknesses, for this reason the property is appropriate for your client. And it has the price it has.

Real Estate Credibility: Value and Price

Credibility is the factor that most influences a real estate transaction. The clearest example is the price of the property in a particular area e.g. House for sale in IslamabadIf you are able to prove to the client that the price of the property is lower than its value, you will have gained the credibility necessary to get the client to sign the contract here and now. This is extremely important when land plots are sold. In this case, credibility is gained by showing the investor what they earn by buying that land.

In this case it is not necessary to sell the land itself (its characteristics), but the business potential for the investor. This is to show real estate credibility at its highest level. Do you understand why many real estate agents tell them to sell land? Because they don’t generate enough credibility selling only features.

Think well how to demonstrate  the value of the property before talking to your client. If your argument is full of credibility, ( including the 7 points above), you have the master formula to sell any type of property quickly.

Please share this post with your colleagues and leave us a comment. What other factor would you include in the list above to generate real estate credibility ? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.

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