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Documentation for a real estate agency with Apivirtual – Real estate documents

Apivirtual solves one of the most tedious tasks of the daily work of real estate agents, the drafting of real estate documents necessary to buy or sell.

In the Apivirtual platform you can obtain all the documentation for a real estate company: tax calculations such as the one of the municipal capital gain of any Spanish municipality, tax of increase of patrimony for the sale of a real estate property, calculation of the value of the usufruct and the value of the no property, calculates the sale price of a property, facilitates valuation opinions, develops ACM (comparative market analysis), marketing plans so that the real estate consultant can inform the owner of what commercial actions he will take to sell or rent his property , purchase budgets according to the peculiarities of each Autonomous Community and those of the buyer, sales budgets, to calculate the expected time of sale and the cost of waiting, contracts to buy, sell or rent a property,sales or rental mandates, etc.

Apivirtual is aimed at 3 types of users:

  • Property owners and buyers.
  • Landlords and tenants with their eyes on the rent.
  • Landlords and tenants who wish to rent a holiday residence.

Documentation for a real estate agency with Apivirtual – Real estate documents

Documents of Homeowners and homebuyers

For the first of the 3 types of users, Apivirtual offers a wide variety of documents. For those who wish to buy a property there are 4 major categories:

·         Documents before you start looking for real estate

If you are a buyer or work as an agent of a real estate agency that represents the interests of buyers, Apivirtual puts at our disposal the necessary documentation to know the tax advantages for buyers, the type of financing that can be accessed, what are the expenses that are they generate in the sale and to whom it corresponds to pay them; as well as where and when the certificate of occupancy should be requested.

The documents obtained can be customized, so that the information is as specific as possible. To do this, and before downloading, Apivirtual asks the user for general and property data.

The average cost of these documents is € 4 although if the user is a professional and has a flat rate, the download of these documents is included.

In case you want to sell a property, Apivirtual offers you several types of documents before you start looking for real estate. The calculation of the municipal capital gain, the calculation of the tax on the capital increase, the expenses that are generated by the sale of a property, the calculation of the value of the usufruct and the value of the no property where and when the certificate of habitability is required These are some of the documents that you can download in this section.

The average price is € 5, and the download is immediate, although for some of the documents you will have to wait, because you need the consultation with the property registration. If the user is a professional and enjoys a flat rate, the download of these documents is included.

As in the case of the owners, these documents are customizable, so some general and property data are requested.

·         Documents for when a property has already been found

If you are a buyer and you have already found a property, in the second of the groups of documents there are those of real estate operations of this type, such as foreclosure agreements, sales contracts, the list of the documents necessary for the signing of a sale, etc.

In the case of not being registered, these documents are priced between € 5 and € 20. Most of them are for immediate download, although some such as the property registration notes have a deferred delivery.

It should also be noted that most of the documents included in this category are free to download for those registered professional users.

On the contrary, if what you want is to sell, in this section you will find models of real estate documents as an example of power, a purchase option contract, as well as other necessary documents in the purchase sale operation.

As in the rest of the cases, the documents can be customized, for which user and property data will be requested. The average price is € 5, although in the case of the document to guarantee deliveries on account, its price is € 30 and delivery is deferred.

·         Information documents before the signing of the sale

For buyers, Apivirtual has several models of real estate documents, among which is the value to be declared in a deed (free download for all users), as well as the information necessary to prepare the checks in the deed of sale.

The price of these documents (except the one we have commented on for free) is € 5 plus VAT.

In the case of sellers, you can find necessary documents for sale, such as the necessary document issued by the community of owners to be up to date with payment, a document without which the sale cannot be made.

It should also be noted that most of the documents included in this category are free to download for those registered professional users.

·         After-sale documents

The documents available to buyers available to Apivirtual do not end here. For after the sale, you will be able to access the models of real estate documents necessary for the change of ownership in the community to which you belong, in addition to the necessary documentation for the domiciliation of the supplies of the new home.

The price of these two documents is € 3 plus VAT.

In addition, Apivirtual sellers collect similar documents that you can download from the page. In the case of the document to liquidate the discretion of the municipal capital gain of the corresponding municipality, the delivery is deferred and its price amounts to € 30.

In both cases, most of the documents are free to download for those registered professional users.

Landlord and Tenant Documents

In the second of the categories of users, you will find all the documents related to the rental that will allow you to advise your clients on this matter. Whether they are owners or renters, this section interests you.

In the case of the owners, Apivirtual difference between:

·         Documents before renting a property

As tax benefits, possible guarantees that can be requested from a tenant, tax implications of putting a home for rent, as well as the necessary registration documents to rent.

·         Documents for when a tenant has been found

As contracts for renting a home, renting a room, certificates of the community of owners and a long etcetera.

·         Documents for after renting a real estate property.

In this case you will find many necessary documents such as the invoice model for rentals subject to this modality, as well as receipts for rental payments.

In the case of tenants, Apivirtual also has documents that may be useful before, during and after the signing of a rental agreement.

To stand out among all of them, the one that includes the tax benefits for tenants, something that many do not know and that is undoubtedly of interest to all those who are considering renting.

Likewise, when we already have a home in the spotlight, Apivirtual offers us documents for this phase, as examples of documents to have a power of attorney, or registration records of the property we are thinking of renting. The average price is € 8, although in the case of registration forms, the price is up to € 20 and obviously the delivery of the document is deferred.

Vacation Rental Documents

Finally we find the section dedicated to vacation rental, with real estate documents for owners and renters. In this case, the documents are less numerous, since less paperwork is needed. Among the most prominent, the requirements that owners and tenants can request in a vacation rental.

The price of these documents varies from case to case of University Town Islamabad obtaining the registration certificate of the property is the most expensive document, and its delivery to the applicant is deferred, since a consultation is required to register the property of each autonomous community.

Prices and extra documentation

Apivirtual real estate document models are available for both those who are not registered and for professionals. If you are a real estate agent and you need this type of documents frequently, it is convenient that you consider hiring a flat rate.

You have it available for € 25 per month, for four users of the same office and are included almost all the documents that you might need in your daily work, such as contracts, registration forms, documentation necessary to make arrangements with the Administration and much more.

We cannot also forget that Apivirtual offers a wide range of free documentation. These are numerous videos that you can consult whenever you want and that solve the most common doubts of real estate Pakistan, such as how to calculate the municipal capital gain or how to obtain the certificate of habitability.

It is undoubtedly a plus at the service of all that allows us to know a little more about the process of some of these procedures for which Apivirtual documents are needed.

In addition, we want to remind you that all Apivirtual documents are updated according to current legislation, so you don’t have any problems.

Consult an expert

It is also possible through the Apivirtual website to consult with two types of experts: a lawyer and a real estate expert.

For this it is necessary that before you are registered as a user and have access to the web. The average waiting time is less than forty minutes, which makes it a very useful tool if you are a member of the community and need an expert at your disposal.

Protocols and steps that a Real Estate Advisor must follow in order for his client to recognize his fees:

·         Custom real estate sheet

This document contains all the data related to the client, the operation to be carried out and the real estate object of the operation, as well as the data of the agents that carry it out.

·         Earnest money contract

Once the custom sheet has been signed and agreed upon, the contract of sale or purchase document is signed. There are two types of contracts of these types, confirmatory and penitential deeds.
We recommend the first ones, because with penitentiary deeds, the owner can disregard the contract and you will lose the commission.
Various formulas can be agreed so that this does not happen, but the most important thing is the writing of this contract, without which, in case of problems, you will not be able to claim anything in a judicial process.

If you do not have models of real estate documents of this type, and you do not want to resort to Apivirtual, we recommend that you consult with a specialized lawyer, because a well drafted contract or a correct custom sheet depends on your sales fees, which can sometimes be the result of many months of efforts and much work on your part.

·         Ratification document

Very useful and facilitated by Apivirtual. With this, you will get a double recognition from the owner that you as a Real Estate Advisor have been the one who has made the sale and purchase operation possible.

    1. The sales mandate
    2. The ratification document
    3. The contract of earnest, where you must appear as intervening.

With these three documents it is difficult to deny your intervention.

To avoid problems and you can recover your fees, collect as soon as possible all the information from these months of work, such as:

  • Customer visit sheets, with day and time of visits made.
  • Press or internet announcements of the properties.
  • Custom sheet with the necessary legal requirements.
  • Reliable communication of those interested in the operation if there is a deposit contract.
  • Identification data of the agent who performed the operation.
  • Communication of the day and time at which the deed will be signed at the notary.
  • Registration note of the transmission or any other documents that the agent has handled.

Do you use Apivirtual to download real estate documents? How was the experience?

Do you use any other platform for your real estate documentation?

Be sure to tell us your experience in the comments of this post. We remind you that every day we complete the information we offer in this real estate blog with news, videos and information from the sector to make your day to day easier.

Real Estate Credibility. You need to show it

It is more difficult to maintain the credibility of your customers than to win it.

The real credibility no only to have it to do business in this sector; You have to prove it. As a real estate agent you must learn to build credibility among your clients. Your sales success depends on it. It is not enough to tell the truth to be credible. You have to express it in such a way that your truth is credible.

The real credibility is demonstrated by word and communication nonverbal our body language. You have already heard it on several occasions: “the important thing in the sale is not what you say; but as you say. ” Transmitting credibility means convincing other people that what you say is trustworthy , and you cannot convince it if your message, although clear and logical, is not consistent with your body expression, (movement of hands, eyes, body position ,. .) and with your tone of voice.

Your tone of voice is essential to create credibility when you answer the phone, particularly in the first calls when the customer is more susceptible to your voice and your answers. Telemarketing is so effective, because it creates real estate credibility using certain words and phrases in an appropriate tone of voice, in certain parts of the conversation.

Managing the techniques of body language and tone of voice are 2 requirements to gain the credibility of a client who is going to make an important purchase that will improve his personal, social, family and maybe professional life.

Therefore, to sell a property you must first sell yourself as a credible , available, helpful, professional and honest person. When someone asks me about real estate sales techniques, I always answer them to start by learning how to build credibility. Let’s see how to get it.

Real Estate Credibility: Techniques to Generate it.

Do you want your clients to tell you the whole truth? Do you want your calls and emails answered? Do you want to be perceived as a professional ? Learn to gain the trust of your customers by selling credibility first.

These are the 7 techniques that help the real estate agent to be perceived as a credible and trustworthy person.

1.- Listen carefully . Listening is not as easy as it is believed in principle. Knowing how to listenwith your eyes and earsis a technique that you must learn. Listening proactively is the best way to gain credibility. Your customers will tend to trust you more if you know and have the patience to listen to them. Listening is the first thing that strengthens credibility.

2.- Present evidence that supports your words . An evidence speaks more than a thousand words. When you sell a property, present evidence thatsupports factsand especially your ideas, comments or opinions. If you don’t have evidence that supports credibility to your ideas, it is better not to expose them. Credibility is not only generated with logic,feeling is  also part of what your client’s mind interprets.

Let’s say words with tests are more effective and build trust faster.

This is why real estate sales dossier are so important. They reflect “written” evidence about the property. Psychologically something that is written is more credible than something that is not.

For credibility to occur in the communication, three main elements must be combined: the content, what I see and what I hear from this conjunction will arise the credibility or not of any message we intend to convey. For example nearly everyone who has invested their capital in Park View City overses block is quite happy with their investment and the evidence proves it.

3.- Your body language must be proactive. You must convey confidence and participation from your client. Look into the eyes, smile, speak clearly and be brief,take a relaxed posture, walk calmly and safely … All these details give credibility to your words.

4.- Be clear and direct with your words . A real estate agent who knows well the characteristics and benefits of the property he sells tends to be clear, concise and brief. Who knows what he is selling well, answers the questionsclearly and safely. Credibility is also gained with your thorough knowledge of the property.

Real Estate Credibility is Earned Little by Little. 

5.- Be objective . The points of life of your customers matter a lot in the sale of a property. Your perception isyour realityand you, as a real estate agent should consider it, ask yourself why the client has that opinion.

An example of real estate credibility : your client does not believe that the terrace measures 22 square meters. Given this observation, your answer is not to contradict the client by saying that he does have 22 meters. The appropriate approach is to refer to the sales dossier and check it by measuring the terrace. This action is what generates confidence in your knowledge, because without discrediting the opinion of your client you have verified that it has 22 meters.

6.- Be perceived as a professional. Here we enter what is called “offer more than expected.” Perception is not the same as reality; But the customer’s perception is “their reality.” If you give the customer something more than expected,(insider trading, an interesting tidbit that will help you buy a property, an additional service not wait …),you will be perceived as a professional real estate. How you provide your service also increases or decreases your credibility.

7.- Be aware that every property has its negative side. Never hide the weaknesses of your property, in the long run it will be discovered and your client will begin to think if the credibility you have earned you deserve it. Credibility is not earned in a single assault, it increases and decreases as the client knows you.

Indicate the strengths and weaknesses of your property when you show it or describe it. The credibility real start there. Of course, the strengths must be greater than the weaknesses, for this reason the property is appropriate for your client. And it has the price it has.

Real Estate Credibility: Value and Price

Credibility is the factor that most influences a real estate transaction. The clearest example is the price of the property in a particular area e.g. House for sale in IslamabadIf you are able to prove to the client that the price of the property is lower than its value, you will have gained the credibility necessary to get the client to sign the contract here and now. This is extremely important when land plots are sold. In this case, credibility is gained by showing the investor what they earn by buying that land.

In this case it is not necessary to sell the land itself (its characteristics), but the business potential for the investor. This is to show real estate credibility at its highest level. Do you understand why many real estate agents tell them to sell land? Because they don’t generate enough credibility selling only features.

Think well how to demonstrate  the value of the property before talking to your client. If your argument is full of credibility, ( including the 7 points above), you have the master formula to sell any type of property quickly.

Please share this post with your colleagues and leave us a comment. What other factor would you include in the list above to generate real estate credibility ? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.

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How to Sell Properties: The 5 Steps to Resolve Objections

In the Real Estate Sale a “NO” Many Times Means “Not So”.

To know how to sell properties you have to learn to answer the objections that every client will put. Resolving objections in a situation of selling a property requires practice, knowing how to ask questions, patience to listen and answer questions in a positive way. The only way to use these 4 elements at the same time is to prepare a strategy and not rely on improvisation. Something that few real estate agents do.

Let’s see what are the 5 steps to resolve objections effectively during the process of buying a property. First, we must indicate that resolving customer objections does not mean that the customer ends up buying the property. Answering objections does not always lead to sale. Actually, the goal of resolving an objection is not to sell; but help buy. To know how to sell properties one has to learn first that clients sometimes object, because they do not know what they want or are not very clear about what they want.

The ultimate goal of resolving objections is to know if the property you are offering is suitable for your client for example if a person is from Karachi and you are trying to sell him/her a plot in Park View City  it will obviously not work. Try to obtain this information as soon as possible. We could say that the ultimate goal of resolving objections is to save time in negotiation. When a negotiation takes too long, it usually does not end up for sale. Haven’t you noticed that most of your sales have been concluded quickly?

How to sell house for sale in Islamabad : Steps to Resolve Objections.

Always remember that the objective of resolving an objection is not to sell the property: it is to save time and labor . As a general rule, a potential client knows if they are going to buy a certain property during the first 5 minutes of visiting the property. If before the visit the real estate agent has done an intelligent information job, has not created expectation, you have not taken into account the payment conditions and how the property can create value to the visitor, responding appropriately to the objections you It will be of little use . Moreover, he will not have a chance to answer the objections.

In general, (I say general, because each purchase-sale situation is particular) , these are the 5 steps you should take to resolve most objections:

  1. Smooth the objection.
  2. Clarify the objection
  3. Identify the true objection.
  4. Answer the objection.
  5. Evaluate the position of the client.

Today we will briefly discuss in this article only the first 2 steps.

Step 1 to Resolve Objections: Smooth the Objection.

Smoothing in this context means that you neither agree nor disagree about your client’s objection. Nor do you answer the objection directly. This step is important when selling properties . Your first comment to an objection is to demonstrate to the client that you are listening carefully , that you value their concern and you will not press or try to sell aggressively.

With this attitude, with your first comment, the client relaxes and begins to realize that you are trying to put yourself in his place. This is called showing empathy. In your first comment after hearing the objection, never use the word “but” in your sentence. This word adds tension to your arguments. It is better to use the words “and” or the name of the client.

Let’s look at an example of how to sell properties intelligently.

Comment , (objection), from the client: “I like the condo, but getting financing is a bit difficult in my current situation.”

Wrong Answer : “It is normal that mortgages today do not make things easier, but the price of the condominium is excellent . ” This way of answering, of resolving  objections , adds tension and the real estate seller is perceived as not considering the purchase situation from the client’s point of view. It is better to answer:

Successful Response : “Currently the financing of any property is always a topic that worries my clients. Maria may have the solution for you. Let’s discuss the issue of financing… ”Remember, when you soften the objection, you are avoiding giving a different point of view to what the client has at that time. It is not yet time to show the client that he is not quite right.

Also, keep in mind that the real objection may not be what the client tells you. Which does not lead to the second step.

Step 2 to Resolve Objections: Clarify the Objection.

To resolve objections quickly and effectively, you have to know how to ask your client questions without creating animosity or concern. If you want good answers, you should know how to ask. After the objection it is time to ask the intelligent questions that you must have already prepared for when this objection comes out during the negotiation. Asking intelligently results in knowing what the real problem is behind the first objection.

In any professional or social communication there are 4 factors that determine it and, incidentally, are the cause of so many disputes, problems, misunderstandings, misrepresentations and conflicts:

  1. What the other person currently says.
  2. What you hear
  3. What you interpret the other person has said.
  4. What the other person has meant.

Complicated? It is, if no one has taught you to deal with a negotiation of purchase and sale of a property taking into account these 4 factors. To cover these 4 phases properly and know what your client really wanted to say, you need to know how to listen with eyes and ears and  ask questions , several intelligent questions.

This is where improvisation betrays real estate agents. It is impossible to ask the right questions improvisedly to resolve objections; especially when you lack the ability to listen. Hearing is not listening. How to sell properties  is not something learned with a couple of transactions.

How to Sell Properties? With Practice and more Practice.

In practice, prior rehearsal in the office with role-playing games is necessary to master the technique of asking questions, solving objections and negotiating successfully. Practice, practice and more practice. Role plays are not easy to carry out and planning is needed. In my consultancies it took us a whole morning to prepare role-playing games; since the questions, the answers and the argumentation on a certain property must be prepared previously . The role play usually lasts 2 to 3 days depending on the number of participating agents. Therefore, that role play in 1 tomorrow, forget it.

In a sales situation, when objections appear, what is said is almost never what is meant . Your client may have misinterpreted your words or can make this objection, because he doesn’t know how to express his main objection clearly, or because you don’t generate confidence to be honest.

To clarify the objections the best method is to paraphrase the objection and ask if you have understood well what the objection is. Sometimes this simple question clarifies many doubts. A question that few real estate agents ask in their attempt to resolve objections .

Asking and listening is what allows you to identify the true objection. Which brings us to step 3 to resolve objections that we will discuss in tomorrow’s article.

Please share this post with your colleagues and leave us a comment we deal with all the strategies and Islamabad properties in the real estate industry . What is most important about the objections you have found in this article? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.

Payment plan and new development of Capital smart city:

Capital Smart City is a rapidly emerging project by Habib Rafique (Pvt). The society has a smart and advanced technology feature, that’s why people love it and appreciate the company started this project. The capital smart city has become a successful project in a very short time and the credit goes to its perfection and modern management.

Capital smart city Islamabad was launched on 2nd May 2019 on the location of the capital smart city in the shape of a big ceremony there. This location is a little away from the city but the roads and approaching way are neat and clean. The society will take a few years to fully develop and the possession is also not available till the development progress ends.

Whenever the development completes its mission, the possessions will be opened as well as all the other finishing and decoration work will also be established. In smart facilities, society consists of the advanced and latest technology.

There are many things for entertainment also including hills vista, china village, crystal lake, financial square, aviation village, holiday park, health care city, education city, overseas districts, mosques, BRT system, Urban utilities, Infrastructure, smart city facilities, garden parks, FDH buildings. The features mean a lot in society for its better success of the plan. Every owner of these projects maintains their features and prices according to each other.

There are some main features enlisted here. It offers; load shedding free environment, automatic traffic control, CCTV with facial & object recognition, free Wi-Fi hotspot at shopping malls, metro bus, resorts and hotels, and other public locations and electric bikes.

The prices let people decide to purchase or not but it is important to give every facility in the mentioned amount. People love to live in a comfortable and peaceful, developed society where they do not need to be worried about anything and off course they will select a society which has every facility at a reasonable price. Capital smart city allows every person to avail of these opportunities at a very affordable price and to live their life in the desired way. Below are the details of rates and payment plans.

Residential Plots Prices:

5Marla costs Rs.2, 415,000/- in 36 months quarterly, membership fee is 12000,

7Marla costs Rs. 3,151,000/- in 36 months quarterly, membership fee is 12000,

10Marla costs Rs. 4,140, 000/- in 36 months quarterly, membership fee is 15000,

12Marla costs Rs.4, 577,000/- in 36 months quarterly, membership fee is 15000,

1Kanal costs  Rs. 6, 210, 000/- in 36 months quarterly, membership fee is 15000,

2Kanal costs Rs. 12,190,000/- in 36 months quarterly, membership fee is 15000.

For all plots down payment will be 10%.

Commercial Plots Prices:

4Marla plot costs Rs. 10,530,000/- in 36 months quarterly,

6Marla plot costs Rs. 14,014,000/- in 36 months quarterly,

8Marla plot costs Rs. 17,550,000/- in 36 months quarterly,

10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots are sold out.

The membership fee for all plots is 20,000 and the down payment is also 10% for all.

Development in progress:

The development of the capital Smart City is upgraded and also in progress to make it look more attractive and modern. The development process is on its way to progress it is moving to overcome the water problem 4 tube wells are operating and 200 heavy machines are working in the society. It is decided to work on the overseas block because it is in phase 1 and has a value amongst other blocks.

The officials have signed the MOU with the national university to construct the latest campus of the university. And the move pick is also interested to construct their hotels and resorts here in society. The society is going to complete the work of wide and carpeted roads of concrete to avoid transport and traveling problems. The main boulevard road leading the visitors from the entrance is approximately 300 feet wide.

The officials have approved the official dealers the housing societies like sky marketing for their best success in the real estate market. As this project Sky Marketing is presenting other projects also including Blue World City and Park View City both of which are top of the line and successful housing societies situated in Islamabad. Abundance of plots have been sold out and are now resold with a good profit. It is an excellent opportunity for the businessmen to invest here as the project is also destined to become the biggest business center in the country. So hurry and book your plot in this charismatic housing venture and build yourself a save and happy future.