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Linux Virtual Private Servers include distinct Selection of server operating system like CERN Linux, alt Linux, arch Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Core OS, Fedora and Qentoo Linux. Every Operating system has its features and functionalities. There are hardly any companies in Pakistan which deal in all type of Linux Operating system in VPS. is also providing the facility to their customers to picking their preferred Operating System because of their Linux Based Virtual Private plan. We deal in all above providing system so you just need to pick your desired one to begin your Virtual Server.

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CERN Linux is also referred to as Scientific Linux Operating System was released on 10th May 2004, This working is open source and available freeware, everybody is able to get the copy of this operating system easily from its official website.


CERN Linux Characteristics

Red Hat was the parent version of the CERN Linux Operating System, but after create CERN Linux an open source Operating System for all Red Hat eliminate its signature from its new released versions. Like all Linux system CERN Linux supply range of Software installation and also support wireless technologies, It also helps to create your server comprehensive for networking and network administration.


2) Alt Linux Operating System

Alt Linux Running system was first released on which has been designed to run a Linux. It comes with Monolithic(Linux) kernel kind and apt-rpm updating methods. It’s a multilingual Running program that is multi and such as CERN Linux that it is an open source operating system for Linux. The newest edition of Alt Linux was released on 13th February 2012 which was 6.0.1.


Alt Linux Characteristics

Alt Linux Operating System is especially designed to manage all the activities on a server such as System Administration performance, Media functionality, Clients Management performance and a wide Assortment of Comprehensive Software installations


Arch Linux Operating System can also be known as Pacman established operating system of Unix Like which was released on 11th March 2002, This operating system is also available open source anyone can get its backup readily from its official website ot form market. The present version of Arch Linux was released on 1sth with functionalities and specifications. If you’re new on Linux since its Linux OS you can’t handle all the qualities of a Arch Linux.


Arch Linux Features

Arch Linux Operating system is among the greatest functioning system of Unix that arrive with User Repository system. Which helps you monitor the actions on your servers and keep record of document sharing and document downloading.


Ubuntu is one of the operating system in Linux because mostly people understands all functionalities and features of the Ubuntu operating system and it is very simple to manage Applications and all software running in your Linux Operating systems. Like most other Linux operating system Ubuntu is also an open source operating system of Linux that was released on 20th October 2004, and the most recent version was install on 23rd April 2015 its simple to set up an Ubuntu Operating System on your Personal Computer, Servers, Smartphones, tables and on clever TVs. There are also some Distribution variations of Ubuntu are available in marketplace like Lubuntu, Kubuntu or even Xubuntu.


Ubuntu Operating System Features

Operating system that is ubuntu comes with some software that you can easily install on your machine, It is possible to get Some games, Office, Firefox and transmission applications . You can also runs some Microsoft products (like Office, IE) on you Ubuntu through some third parry software like VMware. Then Ubuntu possess builtin safety features to secure your host, if we talk about the safety.


5) Debian Linux

Debian Operating system was released on 15th September 1993 and also among the oldest operating system in Linux platform. Debian system can be found on 73 distinct languages and its version was released recently on 5th September 2015. It’s also an open source operating platform and its own copy free of cost. Debian Server Operating system supply an way to handle the things and handle all kind of management functions. This System is your best choice for your Linux. Debian develop with many attributes some of its attributes are provided below.


Debian Operating System Features

Debian includes all of these software and more than 44,000 software bundle. You can get some premium versions of applications from website of Debian, if you would like to add functionalities on your Debian Server then. You can upgrade your Debian operating system at any time whens its version launching in market.


6) CentOS Linux

CentOS Linux Operating System is most famous and widely used operating system globally in all Virtual Private Severs and Dedicated Severs in cloud servers. CentOS was released on 14th May 2004 and it’s easily compatible with desktops, mainframes, servers and workstations. March 2015, the newest edition of CentOS was released on 31st. The package of CentOS is come with assorted attributes and it have more functionality and more power than any other Linux based operating system to manage all of the activities in as server.


7) CentOS Characteristics

CentOS include a builtin control panel that known as CWP. CentOS support all the features of web server, PHP, User Control, Domain Names (DNS), Mail Functionalities, Tracking, System specifications and Security. It has well specify construction of sharing items with users.


7) CoreOS

Like all other Operating Systems of either Linux or UNIX platform, CoreOS is also an open source and freeware Operating system that’s much more lightweight than every other operating systems of Linux. It come with features and limited functionalities. CoreOS was first leased on 3rd October 2013 and its most recent version premiered recently on 17th September 2015. CoreOS is especially design to run on x86 — 64 bit servers or clusters.


CoreOS Characteristics

As mentioned above that CoreOS is lightweight operating system in Linux Operating system that is why it come with limited builtin software and supply a best platform to deploy the applications in Linux OS.


8) Fedora Linux

Fedora is one. It’s also an Open Source operating system of Linux plus it license is available freeware from official website of Fedora. We can also receive a ISO copy of Fedora OS. Fedora was first released on 06th November 2003, and the purpose behind developing Fedora is to make it one of the most popular operating system in Linux or UNIX platform. May 2015, its latest version was set up on 22nd.


Fedora OS Characteristics

Fedora is just Operating system in Linux platform that support all newest technologies and functionalities without using any third party program. It supply complete safety to GNOME front End view. The main distributor of this Fedora is Red Hat and its own support many functionalities of gaming, safety, scientific strategies and much more.


9) Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux Operating System was initially released on 31st March 2002 from Gentoo Foundation for Unix-like operating system. Its updation come under discharge / weekly.


Gentoo Linux Features

Gentoo Linux operating system provide an efficient means to take care of things or data in a desktop or servers through some basic settings. Gentoo Linux supply a smooth platform for many users to install or running applications and and all other applications in it.