When it comes to traveling, Morocco is becoming a favorite destination for many. You might have heard that some celebrities spent their vacations in Morocco and since then the country is becoming famous among tourists. Besides, it is famous for having the largest port in the region. Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco. It is the financial hub in the country, and people from all around the world visit Casablanca due to many reasons. One thing that is necessary to mention is that Casablanca is not that famous among tourists as they believe that it is not as exotic as the other cities in the region.

What Casablanca has for travelers?

Since Casablanca is a commercial city, tourists believe that there is nothing worth visiting. Well, it is somehow true that there is not much to see in the city. But it does not mean that visiting Casablanca is not worth it. No matter you are on an official tour or vacation, you should spend at least a few days in the charming city of Casablanca. It has a lot to offer to tourists.

  • But you should not expect from Casablanca as much as you do from Fez, Marrakech, and Rabat, etc. Whenever you make a plan to visit Casablanca remember one thing it is not exotic as the other cities of Morocco, but it will not disappoint it whatsoever.
  • Casablanca has a lot to offer to the tourists. You are in the city then start your explorations by visiting the Hassan II mosque. It is the masterpiece of Moroccan architecture. Hassan II mosque is famous for having the largest minarets in the world. It is the only mosque where non-Muslims are also allowed to enter and visit. But make sure you dress modestly while visiting the mosque as it is a sacred place of worship.
  • Another place to visit in the city is the old medina. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best places to visit in Casablanca. The old medina is the place where you will be able to see traditional Morocco. Also, you can buy traditional stuff from the shops in the old medina. Children playing in the streets and vendors selling items show the lives of locals.
  • You should not miss the king’s palace while visiting Casablanca. Unfortunately, visitors are not permitted to get inside the royal palace. But you will be mesmerized after seeing the amazing artwork and exterior of the palace.
  • Another interesting place to visit in Casablanca is the Moroccan Museum of Judaism. It tells the world about the existence of Jews in Morocco. By viewing the items kept in the museum, you can imagine how Jews used to live in Morocco.
  • Don’t assume that there is nothing modern in the city. Casablanca has numerous buildings that are masterpieces of modern architecture in the city. There are many shopping malls where you can find outlets of famous brands.

In simple words, Casablanca offers a lot to the customers. If you are in Morocco, then finding a few days to stay in Casablanca is worth it.

Is it difficult to visit the city?

No, not at all! Muhammad V International airport is in Casablanca, so whoever comes to Morocco by air first lands in Casablanca. So, it is not difficult at all to get there. There are local buses to get around the city. If you are not comfortable traveling on the buses, you can travel by train. To make your traveling comfortable make sure you purchase business class tickets that are nor that expensive. You may be wondering why? It is because Casablanca is a crowded city, and you may not find a place to sit on the train while traveling in the economy class.

Besides, you can book a taxi or get a car on rent to make your journey even more comfortable. Avoid driving in Casablanca as the roads remain crowded all the time, and you may get confused in so much traffic. Just concentrate on exploring different sites in the city.

Are there any specific rules to follow?

No matter what place of earth you are visiting, you have to follow some rules. In Casablanca, you should try to dress up modestly as it is a Muslim country. You should take care of your luggage and beware of pickpockets.

Summing Up:

Casablanca may not be too touristy, but there are a lot of things to do in the city. You can have a great time on the beaches in summer. You can have fun at the beaches at night too as they turn into a party area. Visit the places, dine at some of the fine restaurants and stay in the best hotels in the city, and collect memories to cherish.